VIN Technology Systems W.L.L.

Providing Road Safety Solutions.


VIN TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS WLL is a leader in providing breakthrough

safety and security devices designed for luxury and heavy duty vehicles.

Our products aim to provide road safety solutions.

Founded in 2014, with headquarter located in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our factory has a complete in-house R&D, manufacturing facilities and highly
diversified employee portfolio, with an urge to grow in Service sector and
Product Developments.

VIN Technology Systems WLL is the no.1 producer of Collision Avoidance Systems in GCC and has been protecting numbers of personnel in various mining and construction sites.
We offer a complete product solutions from Vehicle cameras, Proximity Warning & Alert Systems, Parking Sensors, Back-up alarms, Driver Fatigue Monitoring System.

At VIN Technology Systems, OUR VISION is to prevent collision of all commercial vehicles and mobile plant and improve the downtime at construction worksite by offering superior and best safety solutions through our products.
OUR MISSION is to continually improve customer satisfaction by gathering customer feedback and working with our highly skilled professional team, We offer after sales application training and support to all our end users and we strive to be a profitable and growth-oriented company that treats its customers and employees with care and respect.

At VIN, we are proud of what we do and we know it makes a difference. Every individual in VIN drives our Organizational values, which continues to give us success and growth. Our values entail..
  • to leave a legacy in mobility
  • safe driving
  • to be responsible to society
  • collaborate to become stronger
  • Innovation

or our values are:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Humility
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Accountbility

What does it mean to have INTEGRITY?

“Integrity is doing what is right, even no one is watching” –C.S Lewis

Employers and employees show integrity in the workplace by being an example.
When individuals lead by example, they set the foundation for appropriate workplace behavior. It improves personal awareness, sensitivity to others and accountability.

Treating others the way you want to be treated is the core principle of the golden rule and an example of how workers can display integrity in the workplace.

What does it mean to be EXCELLENT?

“ Vision is dandy, but sustainable company excellence comes from a huge
stable of able managers” –Tom Peters

Lay out the rules and goals , communicate it to your employees and ensure that the goals are realistic and achievable. Encourage and motivate your employees and believe that goals are attainable with appropriate efforts.

What does it mean to be HUMBLE?

“ The humble man makes room for progress, the proud man thinks
he’s already there.” –Ed parker

Humility is realizing how far we fall short and have the sense of the need to grow by seeking out feedback from others with an open mind. Appreciate the persons who give their feedback and assure them that their suggestions are heard and will be put to use.

Being humble is being prepared to give up the pride admit that we are wrong and are willing to improve ourselves while retaining our dignity.

What does TEAMWORK look like?

“ Talent wins the game, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
-Michael Jordan

Creating an office environment with enthusiasm and initiative to make things happen by encouraging employees to support each other , listen to others and give feedback if needed. Have clear goals and objectives and delegate the tasks to people with right skills, ensures that everyone understands and accepts their roles and tasks with a positive attitude.

What does ACCOUNTABILITY look like?

“An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skills,
desire and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective
organizational success” –Steven Covey

Every employee understands his/her work processes and the performance result they are tasked to produce. They are provided with sufficient training to execute the processes well. The employee will then have the confidence and ownership of their duties and responsibilities.

What does INNOVATION look like?

“Innovation is the only way to win.” –Steve Jobs

Making an environment where everyone is encouraged to address work issues and share their ideas of what they think can improve efficiency. Let employees know they have a voice in the organization by allowing free-flow of ideas and information and combine these things in a manner that will result in innovative improvements. Create a room for learning.

Do what is right and abide by the corporate rules.
Treat each staffs and clients with respect and honesty.

Strive for continuous improvement in our products, services and processes by encouraging and motivating one another.

Ask for honest feedback, be open for a change and learn from the mistakes and success.

Clearly define corporate objectives. Ensure every voice is heard. Foster a healthy communication in the workplace.

Learn to own up to your responsibilities and be brave to face the results of your actions.

There is no small or big ideas. Every ideas count. Encourage one another to share their suggestions and collaborate how it could be done.