VIN Technology Systems W.L.L.

Providing Road Safety Solutions.

Construction & Mining

SAFETY SOLUTIONS – Construction & Mining Equipment

Level 1 minimum recommended safety specification

Front & Rear View Closed Camera System

VIN-675 Front & Rear view camera. IP69K w/ IR vision.


VIN-M750″ Digital LCD monitor. IP69K


Reverse Alarm

A revolutionary new generation of warning alarm. They are the safest reversing alarms in the world and do not cause a noise nuisance.


Tagless Proximity warning Sensor (option)

30m length and 10m width adjustable detection. Radar based sensor with data logging


VIN Technology System WLL

Level 2 + level 1 Increased safety specification

Tag Based Proximity Warning Alert System

Tag – based collision avoidance system that gives 360 detection and ensures 0 blind spot. W/ data logging


Level 3 + level 1 & 2 Ultimate safety specification

Heavy Duty Work Light

Flexible wattage, super power led heavy duty work light. Surprisingly superior output unique design and appearance for heavy duty machinery. Better waterproof performance.


Driver Sleep Prevention System
With pupil identification technology to detect driver fatigue and distraction, and to alert the driver.


Digital Video Recorder (Optional)

High Definition video recorder. 2TB storage.8 Chanel input.


Also Applicable for:
  • Loader
  • Large off – Road machine
  • Medium off – Road machine