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Heavy Equipment Cameras and Monitors

If you are looking for highly efficient forklift camera systems then you have come to the right place. We provide a huge range of camera systems for construction and mining industry for all type of vehicles and equipment including wireless camera system, dome IR night vision camera, dome cameras, and more. Buy explosion proof camera systems for specialty fuel trucks, tower cranes camera system or for your any other light duty/ heavy duty vehicles today!

VIN-M06 p

6″ Digital LCD monitor

• Multi-language menu operation
• Automatically turn on when the reversing gear is engaged
• Can be mounted on dashboard

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7″digital LCD monitor with touch button

*Support 2 cameras video simultaneous input
*Support 2 cameras audio simultaneous input
*Single, dual, triple, quad image for optional

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5.6″ Digital LCD Monitor

*Support 4cameras video simultaneous input
*Support4 cameras audio simultaneous input
*Normal or mirrored picture can be switched separately on each camera

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5″ Digital LCD Monitor

4:3 wide screen
Video input: /V2,audio optional
Resolution:640*RGB*480 dots

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7″ Digital LCD Monitor with Waterproof function

Automatically turn on when the reversing gear is engaged
Can be mounted on dashboard
4CH&4CH with Quad optional

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5″ Digital LCD Monitor with Waterproof Function

*Multiple menu languages: English, Dutch,

French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian
*With remote control

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Industrial design, Mini size,

Aviation connector input, c

onvenient installation;

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4 Channels (full/quad display)
2.5″SATA HDD, Recommended Hitachi

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BackEye 360˚ BRIGADE

The comprehensive view of the surroundings aids the driver when maneuvering

at low speed and minimizes damage, as drivers of larger

vehicles can see and avoid objects lying on the ground.

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Side View Camera

Model: VIN-681
9 pcs Built-in night vision IR LEDs
Waterproof Rate: IP68

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