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Reversing and Warning Alarms







Why Reversing Alarms?

The rear blind spot is a huge problem regardless of vehicle/machine with reversing vehicles now accounting for a quarter of all workplace deaths. With 90% of reversing accidents occurring off-road (loading bays, lorry parks, quarry sites, warehouses etc.) there has never been a greater necessity to carry out effective risk-assessments of reversing processes.
Reversing alarms are devices to warn anyone in a vehicle’s path that it is moving backwards. Beeping alarms were introduced to Europe in the 1970s. They provided a vital step forward in safety, yet over time they have been shown to have a number of inherent issues; specifically concerning their environmental impact, but also in terms of safety – the exact reason they were introduced in the first place. There is now a much better alternative.

Instantly Locatable Sound

bbs-tek® multi-frequency reversing alarms use a wide range of white noise frequencies. This enables the listener to instantly locate where and what direction the sound is coming from. The broadband sound also gives workers wearing hearing protection devices (HPDs) and people with hearing difficulties a better chance of hearing the alarm.
Heard Only Where it Matters
bbs-tek® White Sound® reverse alarms create a “ssh-ssh” sound which is gentle on the ear and dissipates quickly, meaning the alarm can only be heard in the danger zone.


Why choose bbs-tek® over beeping alarms?



bbs-tek® White Sound® alarmsTonal ‘beep beep’ alarms
Effective danger warning?YesNot always
Alarm sound quickly located?Yes, directional soundNot always
Heard where it matters?Yes, only in hazard zoneNo – an area at least 30 times greater than the hazard zone
Effect on workers?Treat sound with respectMore likely to zone out and ignore the sound
Heard by those wearing ear defenders
or with hearing impairment?
Likely due to multi-frequencyLess likely – single frequency
Eliminates noise complaints?YesNo – sound to piercing





Quieter, Yet Safer
The sound from bbs-tek® subsides quickly outside of the danger zone, meaning the alarms do not cause noise-nuisance and thus eliminating noise complaints.
Furthermore, with its multi-frequency range, White Sound® alarms can operate effectively at 5 decibels lower than a conventional beeping alarm.
bbs-tek® White Sound® reversing alarms are endorsed by the Noise Abatement Society and have been awarded the Quiet Mark for their environmental benefits.
bbs-tek® alarms are approved for night-time deliveries.


All bbs-tek® White Sound® warning and reversing alarms have a lifetime guarantee.







SMART bbs-tek®

Our patented white sound reversing alarms aren’t just the safest alarms in the world due to their instant locatability and directional sound, but with the inclusion of our self adjusting models, they’re also the smartest. bbs-tek smart reversing alarms continually adjust to 5-10 decibels above the background noise level, making them ideal for environments with varying levels of noise.
Continually adjust to 5-10 decibels above ambient noise level.
Ideal for varying environments



Backchat Speaking Alarms

Backchat Speaking Warning Alarms reproduce real speech with unrivalled quality and clarity. Backchat alarms include a standard message for reversing, handbrake warnings or can even be used as an attack alarm. Single or dual bespoke messages are available, as well as the option for built-in cut-out for night-time use with our Night shift speaking alarms.


  • Clear spoken messages
  • Warnings for reversing, handbrake alarms
  • Bespoke messages
  • Night-time cut-out