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Controller with Data Logger
Tag-Based Proximity Warning Alert System

TB-PWAS system uses Active RFID technology to detect personnel and objects (with active tag) within a predetermined safety zone, which is set around equipment.

On detection of an active tag, the system provides an immediate Audible and visible warning to alert the driver of an instrution in the zone.

Another level of security which we provide is all around close circuit camera control system which gives clear visuals to the operator.



TB-PWAS features:

Controller with Data Logger up to 10000 events.
• An integrated system
• Power 12-60V DC
• Alert Warning Console (for reset & alarm 80/100 decibel)
• Built-in blue tooth device & USB port (for downloading data)
• Rugged FRP antenna
• Works on RF principle- free range
• Equipment ID Tag
• IP67, Die cast aluminum enclosure

RVCCCS: Rear Vehicle Close Circuit Camera System which consists of:
• 7inch monitor, IP69K, Heavy duty,
• Support 4 cameras video simultaneous input
• Single, dual, triple, quad image for optional
• Trigger control wire on each camera


Heavy-Duty Camera – 2 nos
• Lens Angle: 170°
• Infrared, 54lux
• IR Distance: 15 m
• Waterproof Rate: IP69K
• Shell material: Al alloy
• Bracket material: iron
For both Monitor & camera same shell & bracket materials (for dump trucks only one required but need extra cable)



Alert Warning Console (AWC)
Audio visual, reset device 80/100db





Tags: Transponder Tag
Lanyard based with built in batteries, IP65, with the ID# encryption (life is ONE year)