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Auto Lane Change systems
VIN-AWS650 – Standard Version


Auto Lane Change systems – Standard Version can be used as a single device, suitable for the individual driver. It will detect and calculate two vehicle’s distance and the relative speed to determine whether it has the collision danger, and also will detect two lane’s distance and the front wheel to determine whether it departures the lane. if so, it will send the visual and audio alarm to warn the driver. It can not connect with the commercial vehicle tracking systems GPS/AVL to realize the fleet management. But it can connect with the DVR to realize the video output and save the data on the SD card of the DVR.

• In-time alarm to warn drivers.
• Forward collision warning and Lane departure warning.
• Alarm sensitivity and volume setting: By hand setting instrument.
• Signal output: No
• Video output: yes.
• Power Connection: vehicle power circuit.
• Accessory: host cable, 5pin female signal cable.
• Application: individual driver.