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Auto Lane Change systems
VIN-AWS650PV – Professional Version

It can detect and calculate The distance and relative speed between two vehicles to judge whether there is a collision danger or not. Also, VIN-AWS650 can detect and calculate the distance between the lane lines and vehicle front wheels to judge whether the vehicle departs the lane or not. If there is a collision or lane departure danger, VIN-AWS650 will provide visual and audio warning alert to remind drivers. Moreover, AWS650 can integrate with fleet management AVL/GPS system and output signals and videos for a better fleet safety management. It’s suitable for the commercial fleet.

• In-time alarm to warn drivers.
• Forward collision warning and Lane departure warning.
• Alarm sensitivity and volume setting: By hand setting instrument.
• Signal output: yes.
• Video output: yes.
• Connection port: I/O port(input/output).
• Accessory: host cable, 5pin female signal cable. 3pin female signal cable, video output cable.
• Application: Any companies who want to realize the fleet management.